and here it is…

My first post in English. This one is dedicated to Max ;) Here you are.

I just found this link on the Internet. It is about perception. Very interesting in my opinion. Think about what you have been missing until now because our daily life is so fast and without a look for our environment.


Hier auch  nochmal auf Deutsch ;)

Das ist also mein erster Post in Englisch. Dieser ist für Max (er hat sich mal nen Post in Englisch gewünscht). Bitte schön!

Ich habe den Link gerade gefunden. Es geht um Wahrnehmung, was ich ein sehr interessantes Thema finde. Denkt nur mal darüber nach, was wir bereits alles verpasst haben, weil unser Leben so schnell und ohne einen Blick für die Umwelt stattfindet.

Der Artikel ist jedoch leider auf Englisch (Link siehe oben).


2 Kommentare zu “and here it is…

  1. Max
    Oktober 29, 2009

    Thank for the post — and the dedication. Much appreciated :-)

    Looking at the negative side of the Washington Post’s story, it might mean that one only admires things that he believes to be great, either for a good reason (he is able to make the difference between a good and a bad violinist, a good and a bad violin) or because he was told so (experts‘ reviews ; price of the seat).

    Looking at the positive side story, this might be a good argument for doing things where and when it’s appropriate to. Reading a book at home; seeing a movie or a play in a theatre. Even if you’re into art, it’s easier to appreciate a painting in a museum than in a garage. It won’t prevent you from thinking that the painting is great just because it’s hung in the Louvre, but it’s a better starting point so as to develop a genuine point of view.

    [This is definitely far different than the polemics over the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice in the EU, which I was debating one hour ago at my seminar — what a relief ;p]

  2. sirtoby
    Oktober 29, 2009

    haha…thx so much for the comment ;)
    I will post things in English from time to time!

    Stay tuned!

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